Sunday, November 11, 2012

Are Women Sensitive Towards Men's Comments?

sad_couple - Are Women Sensitive Towards Men's Comments

Women are very sensitive by nature. Have you wondered when it hurts the most? Female psychology is very complicated. Women get hurt by the slightest of gestures and are forgetful towards the biggest mistakes by her man. Men's nature on the other hand is very egoistic. They can get very harsh with words at times. Some reasons why women are sensitive are as follows

Women Mentality
Women can get really happy with just compliments by her guy. She would not want expensive gifts all the time. She can get really hurt when the most important people in her life comment on her. The most important people in women' s life are her parents and her love. Female psychology usually shows that women are very sensitive towards her father. Comments made by her father are very hurtful. The same way she is sensitive towards her man. When you pick a comment maybe on her dress, or her cooked food in a harsh way then you can get her really upset.

Women Are Loving By Nature
Women are sensitive towards simple things in life. She expects her man' s nature to be very genuine yet polite. This is because women are very pampered. They can not accept people taunting and commenting for no reason. So next time watch what you are saying.

Male Ego
This is a very common problem between couples. Male ego must be controlled. If you tend to always show off your masculinity or your dominance then it might effect your relationship. For example, next time you go for a date let her pay the bill. Do not comment on her earning abilities. This will lead to a heated argument and you may end breaking up. So, men's nature towards women must be of a gentlemen. Try being civil as this will enhance your image in front of her.

Women Can Not Stand Comments On Her Character
Make sure when you are in a relationship you are sure what you are getting into. Women dislike being doubted. When you are true to a person there will be no doubt. Do not comment without thinking as this will be a great set back for your relationship. Women are very sensitive towards such issues.

Love Is The Ultimate Bond
A Man's nature is very different from that of a woman. Men has different ways of thinking, they think very practically. Where as female psychology is different, they are submissive yet are rational. So, next time think twice before commenting. As love is the only thing she craves for.

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