Sunday, November 11, 2012

How To Make Him Call You?

How To Make Him Call You - waiting for a call - expecting

After a date, every woman expects his call or any positive response from the man's side. From next day onwards, you keep staring at your mobile screen just to see if he has dropped a message or called you or not. You have to make him miss you more and call you again and again. How? Find out...
Ways to make him call you:

Be yourself: 
Always love yourself. Nothing can be more good than loving your own self. This will neither hurt you nor make you feel bad. When you are lost in your own world, you won't be bothered about anything else.

Need not open up completely:
In the initial stages of your relationship, don't open up completely. Give some time to know each other. Keep the suspense and curiosity in the new relationship. This makes him crave to know you more and call you!!!

Don't expect: 
In a relationship, it is best not to expect anything. Difficult but possible! If you expect, you only hurt yourself. So, don;t expect his call or message. Give time and see how it works.

Throw attitude: 
This is very important. If you want to make a man fall for you and miss you more, throw attitude. Don't mix attitude with rudeness. This will appear arrogant and spoil everything. Don't fall for him or don't show that you are not at all interested. Only give few hints if he shows interest.

These are few ways to make him call you. Try them to make a man miss you more. Have patience for a healthy relationship.

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