Sunday, November 11, 2012

Men Who Cook: Do Women Like Them?!!

Men Who Cook-Do Women Like Them - man cooking - kitchen

Not many men can cook but those who can are the best in the business. You do not have to be a chef, that is profession. However, if your culinary skills are above average and you are 'male' then you will be declared a good cook (for your gender). Mostly women like men who can move their pots and pans around to begin with. The trouble is that some things about men who can cook can also turn them off.

If you are the type of guy who can use your skills for the best possible results then then you have to think on your feet. To attract women with your culinary skills, these relationship tips might be useful.
How Men Who Can Cook Should Attract Women?

1. Cook To Impress:
Women like men who can cook to impress them. This basically comes down to arranging the candlelight dinner complete with all the romantic paraphernalia. So when you are wooing her, it is good time to display your culinary skills. However, you must be a gourmet cook. Do not make instant pasta and expect to win her over.

2. Do Not Do The Usual Stuff: 
Women perceive men to be fancy cooks. So if you start cooking the regular stuff (dal chawal) everyday then your art will loose it's shine. A magician never reveals his tricks. So do not take the rabbit out of the bag for mundane dishes. 

3. Cook When She Wants You To:
Women like men to help in the kitchen only when they wants it. Suppose she is trying to cook a surprise meal for you and you force your way into the kitchen then she will not like it one bit. Please remember that women are very possessive about their kitchen. So do not intrude. 

4. Help Her But Do Not Dictate:
Be very clear about the fact that the kitchen belongs to her. You are only a guest so if you don't want to be an unwanted guest then there are some rules to follow. You must not interfere or advise her. Just do her bidding and she will be happy.

5. Don't Be A Fussy Eater:
Most men who cook well are fussy eaters. They are used to their style of cooking. Anything marginally different is not fine with them. Women hate men who criticize their cooking. They love to classify so you will be classified as a 'know all fuss maker' type of a guy. 

6. Give Her Breakfast In Bed: 
Usually all of us are laziest in the morning. It takes less effort to prepare a fancy dinner than to make breakfast early in the morning. So if you can take the effort to wake up early, you can sweep her off her feet by serving breakfast in bed. It has more brownie points that are better left unsaid.

These relationship tips can help men who cook use their skills well.

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