Sunday, November 11, 2012

Why Women Misunderstand Men?

Why Women Misunderstand Men - arguing - argument

Everyone feels proud when they are adored by their partners. You pamper your woman but may have few different ways of expressing your feelings to her. Misunderstandings can spoil a lovely relationship easily. Often whatever men say is misunderstood by women. Why? Find out...
Why women misunderstand men?

Both are different:
You must have read or heard, “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus!” This is implies in this context too. Men think different and linking each other's thoughts is really difficult.

Men don't or simply, can't express! When compared to women, men find it difficult to express what they feel. This is one of the main reasons behind a misunderstanding in the relationship. Even when they express, the way of expressing their emotions is not same as women. This is why women misunderstand men many times!

When expectations are higher, emotions flood in your head. This affects your relationship because when you expect him to tell you something, he either speaks up wrong or doesn't respond at all!

He is reserved:
Often women complain that their men don't talk to them. Women feel they are only wanted in bed or when their men need something. If you are reserved or shy with your woman, she will definitely misunderstand you.

Avoid being shy and try to talk to her. Explain her that you can't express in the same way as she does. Men are opposites and this is one of the most important reasons behind the common fights. When misunderstandings start growing up in the relationship, eradicate the root before its too late!!!

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