Saturday, November 17, 2012

Why Girls Wish For Stylish Boyfriends?

stylish-young-man-in-a-night-club - Why Girls Wish For Stylish Boyfriends

Ask any girl and they will say they wish for a boyfriend who is handsome, tall and bold. It is definitely not possible for every man to look tall and handsome but some changes and makeover can make them be loved by their dream girl. Today, we will give a clearer picture on what girls wish to see in their boyfriends. Take a look.
Tips For Boyfriends (Stylish Or Not Stylish)
1. It is ok for girls if the guys don't look stylish, all that they dream off is money. If there is money then there is honey so plan to save some good money and get a job. That itself will make you stylish, hep and happening.
2. Girls wish for stylish boyfriends as they can make their pals jealous. No matter how close the girls are, they always envy each other's lives so they always aspire to be best. Stylish, they mean, is a guy who is born rich and thinks only luxury. It is never difficult to flaunt that look even if the guys are not wealthy. Just purchasing a pair of branded outfits and accessories, showing off attitude is enough to attract girls.
3. What girls wish, is only about themselves. They want a stylish boyfriend who can take care of their luxurious lifestyle. As the guys know brands, it will be easier for them to keep with the comfort levels.
4. Stylish boyfriends will take them to good places, buy them good food and shop heavy. This fun and enjoyment is possible only if the boyfriends have good taste. Girls know that guys with good taste will also dress the best.
5. Stylish boyfriends think practical, they are cool and live independent. Girls of new generation wish for these things in their boyfriends as they do not want to be bound to any responsibilities.
Unfortunately, the girls who wish these things never understand that the expectations will be from other end too and often get into trouble for their unmatchable dreams about life. These dating tips is also an eye opener to girls and their boyfriends as love cannot be a foundation for the business deals. The girls need to grow up and understand that love is beyond everything. This is what, according to us, is the best relationship advice for a happy and successful living.

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