Saturday, November 17, 2012

Got Stuck In A Relationship?

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You love someone and get into a relationship. But suddenly you start feeling like a burden with passage of time? After starting a relationship, for the first few days you feel like heaven but gradually, you start feeling different. The reason behind this feeling can be the boredom or loss of interest. Even the liking for other person can be a reason behind feeling that your are stuck in a relationship. Sometimes, you might feel its love but with time you realize that its just attraction.
If you are feeling stuck in a relationship and searching for ways to get over it then here are simple tips to deal with a bad or unwanted relationship.
1. Try to know the reason behind this feeling. Is it the love for someone else or the fear of taking responsibilities. Most of the times, one doesn't try to know the reason which takes them away from their love and forces them to break up.
2. If you want to be with your partner but not satisfied with the changes which is affecting your mind then try to deal with it. If you want to move on then breaking up is the best way.
3. Break up peacefully and explain the reasons behind it if you want to. If you are stuck in a relationship thinking not to hurt the feelings or emotions of your partner then remember, the way you are treating or behaving is hurting them already. So, try to break up and both leave peacefully.
4. If you can't break up due to some reason, try indirect ways such as neglecting the person. Don't receive the calls, avoid meeting them and give hints to show that you are no more interested.
5. To deal with an unwanted relationship, you have to find ways to be away from them. If the partner is smart enough, he/she will get hints.
6. You can talk to the partner and state whats on your mind. This way you not only express what you are thinking but also come to know what your partner has stored in mind about the relationship.
7. It is best if you both mutually end the unwanted relationship if required. It is best to get over a relationship when you can't give the best!
So, are you stuck in a relationship? Get over it before its too late!

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