Saturday, November 17, 2012

How To Start A Conversation With Your Date?

How To Start A Conversation With Your Date? - romance

Is it your first date? Are you nervous and have been worrying on what to talk with your date? Well, you need not as these tips will help you handle the special day with ease. Take a look at these dating tips.
Even flirts need not feel over confident as your date will look forward to a lot of things other than just talking, before committing in a relationship. So get serious and start planning on how you should behave with the person you never knew or moved closely.

Starting A Conversation With Date – First Date Tips

1. Before Starting A Conversation 
Make your date feel comfortable with the place and the new you. Do not act like a questionaire and pose too many questions on how he/she made to the place, what time he/she left home/ office etc etc.

2. Do Not Get Personal 
To start with, never get too personal in conversation. Do not demand answers about her family (history), parents and previous relationships etc as these will prove that you don't believe in her and would expect documents before committing.

3. Stop Boasting About Self 
Self praising is a disastrous thing in a first date conversation. It looks like as though you are too perfect and can never be wrong. Your date may feel that you are too much into self and that, you never have time to think about others.

4. Make It Fun Meet 
In your first date conversation, don't make the special person feel like she is your assistant and you are her boss. Never talk too much about work and advice about her profession. Understand that this is not a management meet but a casual and personal affair. 

5. What To Talk
Get friendly with your conversation and tell her how you felt when you first saw her. Remind her a few moments which made her presence more meaningful. Compliment her looks and dressing sense. Good or bad, tell her what you are and would like to be in one statement and it is up to her to decide whether you were the guy she always dreamt off.

These relationship rules hold good even if you are planning to propose your date for the first time.

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