Saturday, November 17, 2012

Thinking How To Start A Relationship?

the-friend-zone - Thinking How To Start A Relationship

Confused of thinking how to start a relationship with your love? If you love a girl or boy, you wish to get along with the love of your life and start a relationship but sometimes, the fear of losing after the proposal can be the reason behind not expressing the feelings. Therefore, to start a relationship and get closer to the one you like or love, take a look at these tips.

Tips to start a relationship:

Initiate friendship: 
In order to get attention of him/her and make them want you, you have to start getting yourself known to the person you like. Take a step of friendship and gradually become close to him/her. Make them want you or search for you to share their happiness and worries.

Use your qualities:
To impress a girl or boy you like, you have to be the real you. Try to use your qualities such as wit, humour, love or care towards the love to win him/her. If you think you are good at communication, use your interactive skills to impress him/her and make them feel happy and comfortable with you. It is very important to build rapport with the person you like if you wish to get into a relationship.

To impress him/her, try to share your ideas, thoughts and wishes in life. This not only builds proximity but gradually involves the person in your life. If possible, introduce hi/her to your closest friend and make the person feel special.

Be slow but steady: 
If you express your feelings in very beginning days, the love of your life may not feel the same for you. The feelings might have emerged from your side first and so by becoming close you indirectly try to make him/her feel the same for you. Giving time doesn't mean you take years! When you feel that the gestures from the person you like are positive towards you, take a chance and go ahead.

By this time, you must be knowing the needs and expectations of the person you like. Fill the wishes of him/her while proposing so that he/she can't say No!

Use these tips to start a relationship and impress him/her.

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