Sunday, November 18, 2012

When To Discuss Marriage In Relationships?

When To Discuss Marriage In Relationships? - man proposing

When you fall in love and get into relationships, you certainly have marriage on your mind. Every couple does not end up married but still marriage is a relationship every couple aspires to. It is supposed to be the metaphorical happy ending to your love story. However, before you demand such a massive commitment in your relationship from your partner or thing about it yourself, you need to know it the time is right. Ask yourself all the relationship questions that you want to and only if 80 percent of those answers are affirmative can you go ahead and broach the subject of marriage.
Here is some relationship advice that will help you choose the right time to discus marriage in relationships.
When To Discuss Marriage In Relationships:
  • Never discus marriage when you are still in college. Young people meet as teenagers in college and fall in love. They make elaborate plans to get married as soon as they pass out or at least the guy passes out. Either their plans don't materialize or they end up married and divorced in quick succession.
  • Making plans of getting married too early is one of the main reasons for college romances not working out. When you build castles in the air then the fall from grace is always hard. Actually while studying as an undergrad your mind is tuned in a different way; it cannot accept dreams of a career and marriage together.
  • If your partner is going abroad for further studies or a long term project then its best not to raise the topic of marriage right then. Some people feel that if a promise of marriage in relationships is made then it will somehow make their partner return but that seldom works out. If your partner loves you he or she will return irrespective of the promise of marriage. If they don't then you will only be hurting yourself by raising your hopes.
  • Don't push your partner to go for a commitment in your relationship if he or she is financially insecure. If he feels that he needs those extra thousands on his pay check to be ready then wait for it. If she feels that you need to wait for your next job change or salary rise then so be it.
  • If you get a job opportunity in a different city and are thinking about moving out then it is the perfect excuse to propose. Tell her that you want to be with her and fear that distance will make matters worse for you. If you both are relatively financially stable then a marriage proposal can be made and accepted without hesitation.
  • Your partner may not be against marriage but don't trigger his or her commitment phobia by bringing up this relationship question too quickly. You need to be at least a year or two into a relationship to consider getting married.
Marriage in relationships should be associated with fulfillment, not with insecurity.

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