Sunday, November 18, 2012

How To Ask Your Friend To Be Girlfriend?

How To Ask Your Friend To Be Girlfriend? - ask a girl out - man proposing

Have you planned to have your girl friend as girlfriend? Well, it is definitely not difficult if you know how to communicate your feelings to her in the right way. Today, we will discuss on how to ask your friend for date and other proposing tips. Take a look.
Some girls may not like to escalate friendship to relationship but whatever may be the case, feelings need to be communicated as even the delay in decision may get postive and feel worthwhile. As a genuine lover, this is what is expected from you by your date friend.
Ways To (Propose) Ask Your Friend To Be Girlfriend
1. May be you shared some really emotional and pleasant moments, try to make a note of all of them and present it to her in the form of a picture book. This will remind her of the good past with you and assure her that the future will be as or even more beautiful than it was. One of the best ways to make into the girl's heart is by creating an emotional environment.
2. Being her friend from a long time, you will have an idea about her taste so buy her a gift which can hint her that you want to give a better meaning to your friendship by accepting her as a soul mate for life.
3. Take her to the place where the two of you met often and propose to her as this can make the moment special and give a princely feeling to the princess of your heart.
4. Make her understand that since you guys know the pros and cons of each other, it would be easier and comfortable to get into a relationship. As friends you would always support each other and that is the foundation of a great relationship.
5. Before asking out your friend, ask yourself whether you are serious about the whole thing and her, as relationships made could break some day dividing not only hearts but even friendship.

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