Sunday, November 18, 2012

Ways To Control Emotions In A Relationship !!!

Ways To Control Emotions In A Relationship - angry man guy - couple fighting

Finding difficult to control emotions in a relationship? Controlling your emotions is a difficult task especially for women. If you want to control your emotions in love and try to become stronger in it, then here are ways to control your emotions in love or a relationship.
1. One of the first step to control the emotions in love is by knowing what you feel for the person. Emotions vary so it is important to know how you feel when you see the person around you.
2. Never be afraid of your emotions. Feeling for someone comes suddenly and automatically. You can't help but deal with it! Running from the feeling can't help but reserve you more and lead to depression.
3. If you want to control emotions in a love relationship then you have to decide based on the past reactions. How was the reaction when you last expressed your emotions or feelings? If the reaction was negative then you are trying to control now. To build courage and control saying or expressing emotions, recollect the past. This will help you ignore expressing it!
4. Try to concentrate elsewhere. This is a very effective way to get over emotions. It is difficult at times to think about something else but you have to be strict.

5. Try to be surrounded with friends and closed ones. This will help think about other important things in life.
6. Listen to what your hear and mind says. It may be contrary but you will get options to decide what you desire and expect.
7. Think about yourself. This will help encourage your dignity and control you from expressing emotions.
8. If you find difficult to suppress your emotions at some point of time, go alone for sometime. This is another way to control emotions in love or in a relationship.
9. Try to do what you like in such situations. Go for shopping, hang out with friends or sleep at home.
10.  Share with your close friend to feel light. This will help you suppress emotions.

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