Sunday, November 18, 2012

Try These Tips To Flirt With A Girl !!!

Try These Tips To Flirt With A Girl! - approaching a girl - woman - shy guy - man

It is said that men are great at flirting but not all men! Even if you have tried all the tricks to flirt with a girl, sometimes you might be sitting alone, failing to impress her. Also the fear of hurting your ego can stop you from flirting. If you don't know how to approach a girl and impress her then, here are the ways to flirt with a girl and get her attention.

Ways to flirt with a girl:

Body language:
This is one of the essentials for flirting. Your appearance and personality describes the real you. Try to have a flexible body language which means, constantly use your gestures, eye contact and expressions to be communicative. Being reserved won't help you grab her attention.

Eye contact: 
Try to look at her and throw reactions which show that you like her. This will symbolize that you are interested in her. It is an effective way to approach a girl to flirt with!

Be confident: 
It is very important to be confident if you want to approach a girl. This throws a strong impression and makes the girl think about you.

Don't be over smart:
In order to impress a girl, men tend to show their over smartness which spoils the situation. Be natural if you want to impress a girl. Try to observe her interests to become clear about what she likes! This helps you to decide on how to approach the girl.

Observe her:
It is crucial to know if a girl is equally interested in you. See if she is staring at you or not. Also see if she is trying to get your attention by playing with her hair, smiling, etc. If she is trying to show such gestures, then the chances to approach the girl becomes easy.

Try to communicate with her if possible. Use wit and humour effectively to impress the girl. This also makes her comfortable with you.

Try these simple ways to flirt with a girl and if she is equally reacting, then go ahead and approach her!

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