Saturday, November 17, 2012

Know If You Are Dating A Player !!!

Know If You Are Dating A Player

Many a times, a girl will never know the real nature of the man she is dating. Unaware of the true intentions, girls can be easily fooled by player boyfriends. As women are emotional, men try to play with their emotions just to satisfy their needs and wishes. Therefore, it is very important to know if you are dating a guy. Here are tips to know if you are dating a player.

Tips to know if you are dating a player:

A player will not feel awkward before approaching a girl. A man's confidence and fearless attitude in flirting are signs of being a player. This can mean that you are actually dating a player. A simple guy will think twice before approaching a girl.

If a player is interested in you, he would try to express his feeling in hardly 2 meetings! A player wants everything immediately as their feelings last for few days or months. If a guy expresses his feelings to you within few days or a week then, it can be a sign of his player or flirty nature. He is just behind you for his own needs! An honest guy will take sometime to express his feelings or emotions.

To know if you are dating a player, it is important to notice, if he has tried or is still trying to get intimate with you, that too in the beginning of the relationship. Closeness comes with time and comfort and if the guy is honest, he will look at your comfort level before approaching you. If your man is trying to come close to you, then it is a sign of his flirty or player nature.

Players are big flirts! This is their second nature. If you observe your partner looking at other woman in your presence then he is a player.

Players are very secretive. They would never share their personal lives with you. He might lie and if you can catch the white lies and try to ignore it due to the presence of love in your mind, then you are fooling yourself. Observe if he hesitates to show your mobile or goes in the corner whenever he gets time.

These are few tips to know if you are dating a player.

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