Sunday, November 18, 2012

Tips To Control Your 'Physical' Love !!!

Tips To Control Your Physical Love - happy man and woman

Falling in love is a natural thing. Love has both physical and emotional attachment but there is a time to start the intimacy in the love relationship. Most of the times, love starts with physical attraction which later develops to an emotional love. If you don't have control over your physical love, you might end up failing to continue the relationship. Here are ways to control physical love in the relationship:
1. In the beginning of a love relationship, it is very important to build the trust of the girl. A girl is always scared when getting into a relationship as she has limits and boundaries which she has to maintain and if her partner just comes to get laid with her then she will never say yes!
2. By building trust you automatically get her confidence. The confidence somewhere helps you control the physical love.
3. See the duration of the relationship. Depending on that take the initiative. It is very crucial to develop the relationship so as to enjoy the freedom of your girl.
4. Always take the consent of the girl before taking an initiative. This way, you can get to know her comfort level and see what she feels about physical love. Control your physical love accordingly.
5. Avoid meeting alone. This is one of the easiest way to control physical love n relationship. Go out in public places.
6. Try to discuss and slowly get her into the conversation. This will help you think what you are doing.
7. Control your mind! By controlling your imaginations, you control your chemical secretions! This is little difficult for men but not impossible if you wish to keep the relationship alive.
Use these ways to control physical love and make the relationship healthy and comfortable when it comes to intimacy.

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