Tuesday, November 13, 2012

When & How To Give Space In A Relationship?

When & How To Give Space In A Relationship? - man and woman sad unhappy

Many couples believe that giving space is important. A relationship can go through good as well as bad days. Staying together all the time can build boredom or frustration mainly because sometime you feel like staying alone and spending some time with yourself. To keep the relationship happy and interesting, give space at times. However, the space should be positive and should not affect the couples togetherness. So, how to give space in the relationship which is healthy and beneficial for the couples?

When and how to give space in relationship?

So, how important is space in a relationship? When you have a conflict with your partner, you don't feel like staying with him/her. The fear or urge of venting your anger on your partner can harm the relationship. Also nagging can increase the fight. Therefore, give some space at this time. This helps to get over the angry mood. Solving the conflict after some space is easy and effective as both get time to think about their mistakes.

Sometimes, love can become boring and you might feel like staying alone. If you are confused thinking when and how to give space in this context then, you have to give space in relationship when you start feeling that the couple talks and being together is becoming boring. This point is important for women. Stop tying your man under your control. Sometimes, men like to enjoy with friends so give your man some space. This space helps in improving the understanding levels and make him love you more!

When you are under depression or stress, you want to stay alone. This time, nagging or talking too much can gradually grow frustration within you. Give space to your relationship when you or your partner is under stress. This space is positive as you don't blame your partner unnecessarily!

So when to give space in a relationship? You should give space when you are confused about the relationship as a whole! After few days or months of dating, you can feel bored or lose interest. So, to clear the doubt if you really want him/her or not, give some space. How? Take out time for yourself and see how much you need him/her in your life. Check out the urge as well as your control levels. Analyse and judge.

These are the answers to the question, "When and how to give space in a relationship?" By giving space, you not only improve your love life but also increase the understanding levels!

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