Tuesday, November 13, 2012

6 Types Of Women Men Hate!

6 Types Of Women Men Hate - strong woman

Men hate certain types of women and try to avoid them. They may feign interest or even lust over them secretly but that will be the end of it. Men never marry or get into committed relationships with the women they consider under their hate lists. Individual differences apart there are certain categories of women whom men hate that are pretty universal. It may be good, bad or ugly to state it this way but it is better for women to skip being in these identified groups.
Here are the categories of girls that come under men's hate list. 

6 Types Of Women Whom Men Hate:

1. Verbal Diarrhea: 
Guys may like talkative girls when they are in college but they certainly don't like them after growing up. A mature adult woman comes across as ridiculous if she talks non stop without punctuation. It may be sweet for a younger girl but silly for women. So if you are covering him in slime with your verbal diarrhea we suggest you don't.

2. Goody Miss Two Shoes:
Men hate women who are too prim and proper. It will the main bone of contention after you two get married. Relationship problems arise from small things like you left your dirty socks in my wardrobe or you leave the washroom soggy! Stiff collared and finicky about propriety is not the best combination according to male logic.

3. Miss Know All: 
If have to be his Miss Right then you cannot be Miss Know all. To put is bluntly, men do not like smart asses, but then, who does. If you are the kind of girl who thinks she knows everything about everything then you'll have a tough time finding yourself a man. It is good to be well informed, bad to be judgmental.

4. Gold Digger:
Husband hunters beware, men hate the kind of women who try to trap rich guys for their money. If you are looking for a man who can pay your credit card bills then you may get one but you won't get his love for sure. A gold digger is the most depraved type of women according to men.

5. The Possessive Psycho: 
In the first place, men unlike women do not take to possessiveness kindly. On top of that if you threaten to kill yourself and behave a like a psychopathic lover who wants to be stuck to his back then he will run and not stop till he reaches the next planet!

6. The Cut Throat Career Woman:
Men like women to be careerists and independent (mainly so that they pay their own bills) but if your career interferes with his, he will expect you to make the classic sacrifice. Men hate women who are not self sacrificing and cannot dream of a home with them. 

Use these relationship tips to avoid being in any of the groups that are in men's hate list.

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