Tuesday, November 13, 2012

How To Surprise Your Man?


Sometimes your man can take you for granted and the relationship can gradually become boring. To keep the spice of romance alive in your love relationship, even you can surprise your man. It may be shocking to know but men too love surprises! So, surprise your man today to spice up romance.

How to surprise your man?

Don't go for simple gifts which you love. Think from a man's likeness. What do men love the most? Gadgets!!!! Gift a video game or some music device or player. If your boyfriend has a car, you can buy some showpiece to decorate the car and surprise him. Even car perfumes are great and sensual!

Sudden visit: 
When your man misses you the most, you can surprise him by giving a sudden visit. It can be at his office/college, home/hostel. When he asks you to meet, throw an excuse and don't give any hint that you are going to meet him. Now suddenly visit him and see the magic!

Take some pictures of yourself and mail him. Surprise him by asking him to check his mail and then look at his reaction. You can even make a collage of pictures clicked together. Frame it and surprise your boyfriend.

Spice up: 
Men love sensuality and this can make them happy any moment and even any time of the day! So how to surprise your man? Wear a nice outfit or a sensual lingerie to spice up romance and also surprise your man!

Book a small trip this weekend and surprise him. Don't forget to get information on his plans for the weekend before booking. If you are a long distance relationship, surprise your boyfriend by meeting him suddenly!

Try these ways to surprise your man and spice up romance easily!

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