Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Are You The Girlfriend He Shows Off ?!!

Are You The Girlfriend He Shows Off

Are you been shown off as a girlfriend? How are you to know if your boyfriend really loves you or just showing you off to his friends as a beautiful girlfriend? It is normal to be proud of your girl and also to want to introduce her to your friends but too much eagerness could mean that you are his eye candy girl. You need to take hints from his behaviour to establish if you seriously mean anything to him or are just a pretty thing to show around.

Here are some tips to help you understand if your boyfriend treats you as a girlfriend to show off among friends.

Are You The Girlfriend He Shows Off?

Always Wants To Go out With Friends: 
If your boyfriend always wants to go out in huge groups of friends then he is trying to gain maximum eyeballs for his beautiful girlfriend. Guys are usually possessive by nature. If you don't see that concern in his eyes then he clearly enjoys the attention you are getting more than you.

Gets Too Cozy In Front Of Friends: 
Trying to get too affectionate in company of friends is not a good sign. It is just another way of gaining eyeballs. See how pretty my girl is and how much she craves for me.

Discusses You With His Friends:
You can't be sure but you feel he discusses you and your intimate details with his friends. It could be a line his friend lets slip that you told him in confidence. It is mark of disrespect in a relationship because a guy who loves you will protect your privacy with his life.

Does Not Seek Privacy:
He does not want to keep anything private. Suppose you got engaged in secret and you want to keep it between the two of you but he announces it to all this friends. This certainly means that you are his girlfriend just to show his friends how many brownie points he can score.

Talks To Too Many People When You Are Around: 
Does he seek out little known acquaintances to chat with when you are around? May be a long lost friend from school or a classmate he never really liked much. This means you are his eye candy girl who has to be shown around for compliments and winks.

Outs Your Pictures On Social Networks:
Does he post your pictures on his profile of social networking sites like Facebook and Orkut? These may include pictures of your intimate moments together like hugging or kissing. That is certainly in bad taste and a breach of your privacy.

Discusses His Friend's Girlfriends With You:
Does he comment on his friend's girlfriends and tells you that his girlfriend is most beautiful compared to everybody else. It shows that he is proud of your looks and his luck in having you. That is shallow.

Use these relationship tips to find out if you are his girlfriend to show off.

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