Wednesday, November 21, 2012

What Men Love?

What Men Love? - man using computer - surfing internet

Most women think, 'orgasm' is the only thing what men loves and can't live without. Well, there is much more grand scheme of things, without which their life impossible to imagine. Explore his world and discover the tiny things that make him smile and crave for more.

Lets check out what men loves:

Men love beer! Most men wish to get a beer bottle than the usual kisses and make outs! Nothing else completes a celebration than a bottle of his favorite beer brand. That doesn't mean all men drink to enjoy life, but a cold one sure makes it easier.

Junk food
Guys hate to starve. Men loves to eat. Foods like burgers, fries and pizza are their all time favorites but there are some men who prefer homemade food than any other. They enjoy this food to the fullest while watching sports and drinking beer with their girl or friends beside them.

How many times have you yelled at your man, who sits like a star fish in front of the idiot box, during the championship tournaments. Don't blame him for the drawbacks, that may make men to override or procrastinate undertaking minor family duties, obligations and manly chores because he cant help it. It is there in his genes.

Video Games:
Men now spend more of their money on video games than on music to feed their lust for console-based gratification. Men loves to play video games as it is like a stress buster for them. According to them video games are easy, entertaining and graphically pleasing escape from the worldly affairs. For instance, if they are upset or angry after watching their favorite team lose, then they would simply spend hours on their video games. The same is true when he is upset with his troubled relationship.

It is like the on-line research center where all his cravings are taken care of, from the latest business, entertainment and sports news with tit bits of funny video clips, jokes and porn.

Toilet - the man's throne
Men love to enact like the throned kings in the toilet. However, women will never understand why a good toilet is important? Their ideal toilet includes a comfortable toilet environment, with magazines, books, newspapers, air fresheners, a telephone, a radio, a laptop, and stockpiles of toilet paper within reach. Some men even wish to have a television set inside.

These are just a few stuffs which men loves. They may not be true with some, however this is the waymale psychology works and life would just be numb and inactive without the presence of these items! 

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