Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Girls Love Rough Look Of Men !!!

Girls Love Rough Look Of Men! - strong man guy

Do women prefer rough look of men? Yes! Many women do.

Gone are the days when girls liked neat and clean men. Rough look of men are loved by girls. John Abraham and Brad Pitt brought this craze among men and likeness among girls. This dirty yet funky look is liked by most of the girls. The celebs have brought this look in fashion and most of the men are following it.
Rough and rugged look of men make them look more attractive and appealing to the eyes of the girls. The general impression which rough look of men throws on girl is that rough men are hardworking, not too bothered about their appearance, careless in terms of maintaining oneself and most importantly, rough men have matured appeal.
Women want to date elder men because they are matured. This is why most of the woman feel rough look of men make them appear matured which is attractive. The look also adds to the personality if carried well. A stubble look shows masculinity of the man. A girl loves a man who looks manly and not kiddish.
Rough look of men basically means keeping stubble or few frown beard with rough hairstyle and this makes them look hot.
Rough look is also a great compliment when girls love their man. The appeal is more higher and intimate. The look needs to be taken care. If your girl doesn't like the burn on her face after feeling your rough skin, avoid it. Not all girls like that burn due to the rough stubble look on your face.
Rough looks are mostly liked by young girls who don't prefer clean shaved face. So, try out this stylish look. Bring a new variety and dimension of appearance in the eyes of your love.

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