Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Is It The End Of Your Relationship?

Is It The End Of Your Relationship? - break up - breaking up

Everything was going perfect but suddenly he/she is changing attitude towards you. The doubt that your partner wants a break up starts building in the mind. So, is your relationship at end or is it going through wrong time?
Check out the relationship end signals:
  • no emotional attachment towards each other is a big threat towards your relationship end. If you are holding back your emotions and expressing them at someone else rather than your partner then it is a sign of romance end. Deep emotional distance if created and adopted for a long time then it indicates a break up.
  • Fights among couples is another reason to end romance. Conflict is healthy for a relationship but too much of purposeless fights can be harmful. Dislikes and hatred towards each others activities and reaction leads to frequent fights. The productive fights in a strong relationship helps reveal out frustration which was the reason behind the fight. After the fight things become normal but if it is not the same as before then the chances of break up increases. The feeling of hopelessness and estrangement relates to the non productive fights.
  • If you feel bored and unhappy with each others company then the relationship end is approaching. Often bored partner doesn't accept in the beginning but with time and frustration they express their dis-likeness and end romance. If you discover the lost interest in your romance and in your company then be prepared for a break up.
  • Multiple affairs are one of the basic reasons behind a break up. Sensual bonding with another mate and avoiding your partner indicates that your relationship is at stake. Attraction is obvious but chances are more if your partner is really bored of you and wants a change.
These are the signals of relationship end which give a hint whether it is the end of relationship or the end of romance is approaching. If these points match with your life, then it is high time to take steps to improve your relationship. Understand each others problems and try to solve it if it is a permanent relationship from which you expect an outcome or else don't bother if you want to end relationship!

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