Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Love Your Partner Without A Condition !!

Love Your Partner Without A Condition! - man got rejected - rejection

While life gets unfurled to introduce ourselves with many twists and turns we do simply behave like the audience with an eagerness to grab the most. Well nothing goes wrong in that but many a times we lack the exact cord of taking the matter the way it is. Definitely its life that teaches us the things on a more refined note but we can equally groom up so that it does not hurt us much.
On the similar note our partners and close mates must understand in the same light. We cannot force anyone to behave or satisfy our means. Secondly it is our duty to act maturely and not in a heed to accept everything on a single go. Love with no condition (unconditional love) bears the required fruits in the long run. We must always develop the attitude that is positive being it in our work, relationship or imply in daily activities.
Expectation is ailing factor that gives rise to many unwanted situations. It not only arises unavoidable circumstances but also blends a feeling of bitterness in relationships. While we are into a commitment we need to understand the positive and the negative vibes of the particular individual. But most of the time we fail to register anything of that sort and infact we try to dig around the loopholes. Well to be frank we hardly practice healthy norms for our relationships.
Expecting love or any other thing according to our whims and aspirations is a great story in itself. We are always prone to get additions from others and when things don"t turn up we do get affected and so do our mind frame. Hence we need to work accordingly without pressurizing the thing to maximum account.
The society that we do dwell in is full of many traits and so with individuals who do deliver strokes at their own choice. Similarly working with people needs to be practiced bit carefully giving equal concern and patience to other shades of life as well. Loving without a condition is the best way to show one"s affection for the other. One must work in this aspect endure the rest.

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