Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Bachelor Party: A Must For Groom !!!

Bachelor Party: A Must For Groom! - beach party - camping trip

Bachelor parties are great fun for the groom to be and the party is thrown to celebrate the last few days of groom's bachelorhood before he ties the knot. Also known as stag party or stag night, it is a men's party which is celebrated among male members like friends, relatives.

This bachelor party is for young men and the freedom to enjoy last few days of bachelorhood is fully utilized. Bachelor parties can be thrown by both the groom and bride to be. But the bachelorette party is of the bride and her female friends.
The stag party ensures the freedom to enjoy the singlehood! Partying, boozing, gambling, girls etc are activities of this stag night. The party is beyond the usual social gathering. All the fun is beyond limits. Visiting strip clubs and doing weird activities are common as the party is celebrated only once and it is very energetic for the groom and his friends.
With the movies like Hangover and Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, bachelor parties have gained importance and has gradually become a tradition in India. The main reason behind the stag party is to live the last few days of the bachelorhood without interference as the moment will never return after tying the knot.
The task of organizing bachelor party is generally done by the male sibling of the bachelor and if the groom doesn't have a male sibling, his best man or friends make the arrangements of the party. The tradition of keeping the stag party plans hidden from the groom is strictly followed. This is done to make the groom live the moment of surprises and unexpected fun!
Dirty games and all male stuffs are done without any boundations. Most of the men cross their limits and then regret. But the strict rule of bachelor party is that the happenings of the stag party should be forgotten after the same night. This is because the groom will fall in trouble if his fiance comes to know about the dirty games and acts!
So, bachelor party is fun filled night which is focused on the groom to help him enjoy the last few days with his friends in the out of limit stag night. Even the bride enjoys her last few days of singlehood through bachelorette party.

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