Wednesday, November 21, 2012

How To End A Relationship Peacefully?

Ending a relationship gracefully reflects very well on one's character. Breaking up with your partner may be necessary at some point but let it have the dignity that your relationship did. Any kind of break in a relationship is painful for both partners; that makes breaking up an stressful event. Ending a relationship is all the more difficult when it is not by mutual consent. When one of the partners has to initiate the break in the relationship, it could be embarrassing and one has to tread with extra care. Here is some breaking up advice that will never fail you.
Why to Break up Peacefully?
  • Ending a romantic relationship does not mean end of friendship. You may want to break up with your partner because of several reasons but that does not mean that you wish to lose them at friends. If you break your relationship amicably, you may just gain a friend for life.
  • While you may not love your partner any longer, you must not forget that you have spent some good times with them. For the sake of the good memories you have from the relationship, end it gracefully.
  • If the relation has been going sour for sometime, you just want to get rid of the baggage of this relationship. In such cases, try to recall what had attracted you to your partner, his/her plus points and that,will help you in ending your relationship without bitterness
Where to Break up?
This seemingly silly question is a very crucial one. As breaking up with your partner could be a tricky and delicate issue, the choice of place to break the news plays an important role.

1. Under normal circumstances, it is always advisable to choose a public place for breaking your relationship. This restricts most people from throwing a fit or bursting into tears. It is essential that you avoid a scene. In private, the situation can easily turn into one of those ugly fights where you blame each other.
2. However, if your partner is prone to throwing tantrums then beware. A public is out of bounds if you suspect the ending of your relationship will be dramatic. It is much better to take that one last fight and avoid public embarrassment.
Break Up Tips:
If you follow some basic break up tips life will become easier for both you and your partner.

  • First and foremost, never try to blame your partner while ending an relationship. May it appear as if it was your fault that you could not make it work.
  • Never out rightly lie to your partner. If you like some else it is better to be honest. Your partner may berate you at present but they will remember your integrity forever.
  • It is always in good taste to end it with a hug or a handshake. It leaves both parties feeling light and respectful towards each other.
Follow this break up advice and have a happy tear-free break up!

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