Wednesday, November 21, 2012

How To Propose Your Girlfriend? - Proposal Ideas

How To Propose Your Girlfriend - Proposal Ideas - man and woman drinking - date - dinner

Men and women both want this day to be a truly memorable moment in their lives. But it seems that there are no new ways to propose or present thoughts because virtually everything has been done. Well, we will help you come up with new ideas.
About How To Propose & Ways To Propose (proposal ideas) -
  1. Typical ways to propose: The man gets down on one knee with a ring (probably worth a month's salary) before asking her to spend the rest of her life with him. This traditional way of proposing still works, and can be categorized as the conventional way of asking a woman to marry you. But these days, women would like to be mesmerized with emotion, romanticism and originality.
  2. If your girl friend is an adventure person, you can try proposing to her from the rooftop, or climb a mountain or hill together and then say those magic words. She will love it.
  3. On Valentine's Day you can propose marriage. This will be a Valentine's gift both of you will cherish. (If it is accepted, that is)
  4. Proposing on a long drive is not a bad idea either. A perfect start to drive together on the road called 'Life.'
  5. Proposing her on her birthday is a good idea. It is her happy day so why not fill it with more happiness and joy for her?. This is the climax of the Jaya Bachchan debut movie Guddi.
  6. Proposing over the radio can be another interesting way. With many Radio Channels it is very feasible to get in touch with them. So go ahead propose to her on radio, but of course the whole city is listening.
  7. Recreating your memories will bring back a flood of fond memories and will put her in the right mood for your proposal. Chances are she'll also appreciate your thoughtfulness in trying to recreate that special experience. Consider taking your beloved to a beautiful place for a romantic picnic. Here might consider proposing.
  8. Pour a glass of champagne with an engagement ring in the bottom of the glass. You're then in a perfect position to toast your future together.
  9. Have dinner together at your favorite restaurant. Have the waiter serve her a fortune cookie with "Will you marry me?" hidden inside. If fortune cookie is not available, have it written on her favorite cake.
  10. Better still, if you can cook, dish up a scrumptious dinner and propose over candle lit dinner with light music in the background.
If it is feasible you can propose in the place you first met. Today personalized gifts are available and you can have your message written on a Chocolate, Coffee Mug, Pillow and more. Use the idea, which suits you best. Tell us what happened.

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