Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Is Platonic Love Better Than Actual Love?

Is Platonic Love Better Than Actual Love? - happy lovers man and woman

Platonic love is an affectionate and close relationship between two people of opposite genders. There is no presence of physical or romantic relationship in platonic love. There is no romance in this relationship. It is marked by loving a person's soul and mind, irrespective of the person's physical appearance.
Though there is an absence of romance in the platonic lover's relationship, they feel fulfilled and happy just by staying in each others company. According to them love, exists in the inner self and not in the outer self. Platonic love does not look down upon actual love. However, it is based on a spiritual bond between two people.
How to understand a platonic relationship?
1.Remember that there is no boyfriend or girlfriend in this relationship, it is all about companionship alone.
2.Show of physical affection such as hugging or kissing is not common in a platonic relationship.
3.This relationship happens between people with similar interests. It is more common in workplace and social groups.

4.More than two people involved in a platonic love affair, might lead to misunderstandings and may destroy a beautiful relationship too.
5.Set limitations to what you expect from the other person and also restrict your feelings too. This is possible only by proper communication between the two.
6.Share your needs and thoughts so that either of you do not destroy the nature of the platonic relationship.

7.Giving space to each other and respecting the boundaries is a key to a lasting platonic relationship.

Though platonic love is not based on a romantic relationship, it can be very intense, if both the people are able to correlate to each other through thoughts alone.

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