Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Net Addiction Can Be A Reason Behind Break Up!

Net Addiction Can Be A Reason Behind Break Up! - busy man from his wife

Is your partner busy browsing the internet even when you are around? Regardless of the work on the net, woman find it irritating and disturbing to see her man busy sending or checking mails, making presentations or just surfing the websites in your presence.
Women have complained about their husbands using even their private time on the net doing work. If your husband is stuck to his laptop on the bed during the night then nagging won't help. Make him spend some time with you and take him away from the system if you plan to reduce his net addiction!
Women have also tried counseling to get tips to help their husbands come over the net addiction. In the urban section of the society, people are spending most of their free time surfing which is gradually becoming a reason behind a break up.
Patience and mutual misunderstanding can help come out of this bad habit of your partner. A woman should try to know the reason behind his surfing in the bed hours unless she doesn't want to break up. If the reason is some important work then stay calm but if he is not doing something important and wasting the bed hours then you have the right to get pissed off!
Open communication can also help find solutions and build understanding towards the net addiction. Woman tends to believe that her husband is not responsible but it is the responsibility which he has taken to ensure proper living with you. This is why he is spending all time working. If this is the case with you then showing anger will not help save the relationship and come out of problems but wreck the relationship.
Playing games after a hectic day also leads to loss of energy due to which men don't like to share intimate moment with their wives. The addiction to net is very common among the young men. It is your right to spend quality time with your husband. Don't show anger but try to explain him the problems you face because of his net addiction.
Plan a holiday and spend romantic moments for a healthy relationship. This will also take him away from his net addiction and give you more attention. To save a relationship try taking counseling if the talking doesn't help.

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