Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Reserve Your Love For Hearts, Not Gadgets!

Reserve Your Love For Hearts, Not Gadgets! - busy man - groom and bride

Gadgets are taking on more space in our daily lives. They are becoming an essential factor in our everyday chores. They don"t leave us for other emotional attachments. Infact individuals invest much of their time in experimenting the new levels of game and sports available on these mini appliances.
Love, in a relationship is more available over the virtual world and the real melodrama is way behind. When we do ponder on such issues things get messed up. Unwanted and unavoidable situations land up in the scene and a mutual cooperation is lost. While the new generation is giving up their say for joint families these gadgets are drawing lines in nuclear concepts also. The sleeky mobile handsets are coming over and over as an option to aggravate the problems even more.
Gadgets and social websites are taking the most valuable hours. People like to spend more time over them and not in the home environment. They are now more prone to new sites and games. These things are causing wider gaps in the existing love relationships and are only remembered through special days.

Gadgets are to make us feel convenient in our work but they have registered themselves as an important member in the family. They have entered the private and public environment. They work for us at various levels and so do provide many feedbacks to these stuffs.
On the otherhand, love and relationships are on the edge to end. It is the way that puts a check at growing instances of widening of gaps between relationships. People are remaining away from the love of their own people and emotions.

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