Wednesday, November 21, 2012

How To Check If Your Girlfriend Is A Flirt?

How To Check If Your Girlfriend Is A Flirt? - mood swings

It isn't very difficult to find a girlfriend nowadays but it is extremely difficult to find a loyal girlfriend. Girls for the generation are flirtish, cunning and very smart in dealing people. They attract guys with beauty and style and make them spend all their money, they make guys fools by the end of the day and finally bid a big goodbye. So, it is time for the guys to get smarter than girls and choose the right woman as their friend for life. Take a look at these simple tricks to check if your girlfriend is a flirt.
How To Check If Your Girlfriend Is A Flirt? - Tips

1. Keep a check on girlfriend's mobile phone. If you often find her talking to guys and sketching plans to meet them. It means that she is finding other options to get luxurious. Get her a postpaid connection and request for an itemised bill without her notice. This way you can catch her within no time.

2. The biggest mistake guys usually make is not observing their girlfriend well. If you find her wearing new stuff every other day, there is definitely some other financier other than you who is spending for her accessories, fashionable outfits etc.

3. The smartest way to check your Girlfriend's behavior is by sharing the bills everytime you hangout. Once in a while, ask your girlfriend to pay away the bills and if she objects to do so , it means that she is hanging around with you for your money or if she happily pays the full amount (say if it is a heavy bill) then it means that she will get back all the money from somebody else.

4. It is not a mistake to pose questions to her about things, the answers that you get can help you guage her attitude.

5. Look for a simple, humble girl for life. Too much of head weight and false prestige in girls can literally drown you with them. Be very careful in making decisions with respect to relationships. Take time, check if your girlfriend is a flirt and then finalise things for life.

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