Wednesday, November 21, 2012

10 Relationship Facts To Know Each Other Better !!!

10 Relationship Facts To Know Each Other Better - woman holding man from behind

Relationships fail these days due to lack of understanding and trust among couples. Time management and the value given to your relationship are also reasons behind break ups. To make a relationship work, it is very important to know the interesting facts about relationships to make it work and stay happy with each other. Knowing relationship facts will also help know your partner and their likes.
Lets check out the interesting facts of relationship:
1. To make a relationship work, it is very important to communicate. If you don't discuss with each other, the chances of knowing each other personally reduces thus leading to less proximity.
2. For a healthy relationship you need to share the moments and emotions with each other. Be it good times or bad times, share your happiness or sadness, thoughts and ideas. Don't be reserved.
3. Relationship fact is it can't be rigid. Make it flexible. Accept change when it comes. But rmeember the change is positive and doesn't hamper your love life.
4. Love relationship fact is not just physical but mental too. Depending on the time and nature, the strata of being more physical and mental is concluded. For eg, an arrange marriage generally begins with physical love which gradually becomes an emotional attachment.
5. Relationship can't be dominated. Compromises might towards conflicts will make the love life strong!
6. Trying to become a people pleaser is not an effective way to create healthy relationship. It will only make you take advantage of it and make you an introvert.

7. Never try to help your man in terms of finance. It will hurt his ego and self esteem. Try to give him moral and emotional support instead to make him feel comfortable.
8. “I love you and my life is nothing without you" is just a dialogue. Men won't leave their interests even after they love you madly.
9. Women feel that romance starts after marriage but men feel that the romance is lost after marriage.
10. Women are very emotional and wat to get the things done in her own way. For this sxhe can emotionally blackmail through tears!
So, these interesting facts of relationship can make the concept of love, its expectations and requirements clear in the minds of the couple.

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