Friday, November 16, 2012

What Men Love To Talk About With Girls ?!!

What Men Love To Talk About With Girls? -man and woman couple talking

Tired of listening to “You tell" during a conversation? Men are not that talkative when compared to women. This is why, men are not interested to listen to those senseless gossips about your neighbour or friends. Most of the men hate gossiping and therefore, have fights with their partners when they sleep listening to the boring stories of their partner's whole day!

Men like to talk about few things which is of interest to them but unfortunately, its not interesting for women. Take a look at the things men love to talk about with girls.
What men love to talk about with girls?

Almost every man wants to talk about lovemaking to his girl and this is of major interest to him. Men love to talk about orgasm, make out and anything which is related to sensual desires. He wants to know about a girl and wishes to discuss about her desires and thoughts on this topic. Every man is always ready to talk about lovemaking at anytime of the day!

The wild yet funny moments:
Sometimes, when you fall out of topics during a conversation, you can ask him about his friends who was silly or funny. He must have come across some weird character which is memorable. You can't always talk and ask about this. It is best to use the funny aspect later on when the situation is relevant.

Wit and humour:
Men love to talk to women who are not only intelligent and beautiful but also have the talent of using wit and humour. You have to be smart not only with your personality but also while talking! Men hate talking much about serious emotional stuffs every time.

Future plans:
Men love to discuss about their future plans in terms of career, family and your relationship. Most of the men don't actually like to discuss about the future of the love relationship as they are scared of the responsibilities or might not like giving promises when they are not sure or confident about it!

Men love to talk about these things to girls and feel happy when you don't discuss about some likes or dislikes every time.

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