Thursday, November 15, 2012

Top 5 Places For Finding A Date !!!

Top 5 Places For Finding A Date! - man and woman drinking

Finding a date can be tough job. It is all easy for football captains in college to get the best girls for dates. But if you want a reality check, ask the poor guys who aren't as flashy. The most important aspect of approaching a girl is the place and time, that makes the date places you go to very important. If you ask a girl out in the college canteen, she is definitely not going to say yes with all the hoards of giggling friends around!

You have to pick the right place for a date proposal to improve your chances of finding a date. Any place private is good because it saves you from embarrassment if not anything else. Here are some really cool relationship tips to achieve your goal.

Top 5 Places For Finding A Date:

1. In A Pub: 
When you approach a girl in crowded place like a pub you could argue that it is not private at all. But if you do a deeper introspection then you will know that it is actually as private as a place can get! It gives you the huge advantage of anonymity. With the loud music and the dim lights nobody will hear her even if she rebukes you. She might also be in pleasantly drunk and say yes!

2. Near The Girl's Toilet:
This one place for date trapping where you will find your chosen girl alone. Unless your girl is the type who tags along with friends even to the toilet. It is a really private place to catch her alone and pop the question. She might be a little embarrassed but that is a good sign.

3. Near Her House: 
You do not have to stand at her doorstep and go to jail for being a stalker. If you know her even vaguely you can hang around just round the corner from her house. With a few days of research you will know her schedule pretty well. So approach her when you see her alone and she will be impressed by your perseverance.

4. At A Hobby Club:
If you don't know anyone in particular and want to meet someone new then the best thing to do is join a hobby club like photography club or bikes club. You will meet girls who share your hobby and it will be based on some solid foundation instead of superficial liking. Why just a date, it could bloom into great companionship even for a lifetime. Moreover, you could use your common hobby as a pretext for asking her out.

5. At Restaurants or Cafes: 
This is an old world trick of asking a girl out. Write down a note on a piece of paper and bribe the waiter to drop the note at her table with her order. Quote some smart or flattering lines to win your lady over.

Use these smart dating tips for finding a lovely date.

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