Thursday, November 15, 2012

4 Things You Should Never Tell Your Boyfriend !!!

4 Things You Should Never Tell Your Boyfriend

In a relationship, there are certain things which you need to hide from your partner. This is not to cheat him but to prevent the chances of having trouble in the future. Like men, women also have to keep some secrets which otherwise can spoil the trust in a relationship. This is because there are few things which men would not like to hear and can take it to their ego. So, what not to tell your boyfriend?

Things you should never tell your boyfriend:

My ex....:
Never tell your present about your past. This will not improve but spoil your relationship. Your guy won't like to hear about the other men who had been there in his woman's life before him. It is best to move on and not think about the past. Avoid comparing your past boyfriends with your present one. This will hurt his ego and discourage him.

You are a mamma's boy:
Of course, a man first belongs to his mother and then to the whole world. Things take time to change. If you want to control your partner according to your wishes then you need time. This can't happen in few days or weeks, so women should keep it as a secret. Men are attached to their mothers and would never like to hear anything against his lovely mom, so better never tell this to your boyfriend even if you want.

I hate your friends:
Okay! This is a common thing which many women want to say but keep it as a secret. It is best to never tell this thing to your boyfriend. A woman doesn't like her man's friends because the guy is out of control when he is with his friends. He will not bother about his girlfriend and will be busy boozing with his friends. It is best to give some space to him which will help improve love in relationship.

Look at the chick:
Never tell your boyfriend to look at another woman if you have the habit to doubt on him. This will be harmful for you only. For eg., if you ask him how does that chick look? He will think twice before answering as 'yes' will make you consider him as a flirt and 'no' will lead to a fight due to different view points. Hence, to be on the safer side, never tell this thing to your boyfriend.

So, never tell these things to your boyfriend to have a happy and loving relationship.

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