Friday, November 16, 2012

Ways To Escape A Bad Date !!!

Ways To Escape A Bad Date - disaster funny date

Sometimes in a haste we may end up inviting the most boring girl for a date. She may look like a hot item but will have no stuff or what we call the 'X factor' to impress and make the date the best ever. She may hardly talk and hog food like crazy or talk nonsense and bore you to the core, be it any case you need to know to tackle it. Today, we will discuss on how to escape a bad date without making the girl feel bad or creating a scene in public. Take a look.
Ways To Escape A Bad Date
1. Minutes after a meet you find out that the girl is not worth dating, you can set a fake phone call and pretend as if you have an emergency to go.
2. If you are already doubtful about the enjoying a date with the girl or you are forced to go on a date even though you are not interested, you can request your pals to simply give you a call and help you escape.
3. If the girl you are dating is a family friend and knows in and around then take help of your pals and ask them to meet you in the place where you have planned your date, tell them to pretend as if it was coincidence. During the conversation, ask them to join you and give you a company. This will save you from a bad date as it will be more like a casual meet.
4. You can meet the girl for a couple of minutes and tell her that you are not keeping fine from a few days and you have an appointment with the doctor.
5. If you are lucky enough to have a soccer match happening on that day, ask her to join you in the fun and escape from the place. Boring girls hardly like soccer.
These tips will help you escape your bad date easily without hurting the girl's feelings. It isn't nice to hurt anybody as even they have a chance to find their kind of a guy. Make her understand that you aren't serious about the relationship, so that it avoids her dreaming impossible things.

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