Friday, November 16, 2012

Are You Falling For A Womanizer?

Are You Falling For A Womanizer?

Falling in love with a bad guy is nothing new for a woman. Most of the women get attracted to bad boys or womanizers who are not faithful. Even after knowing the fact about the dishonest typical womanizer nature, a woman can find it difficult to deal with this attraction. The urge to be with the bad boy makes her forget about his womanizer attitude. If you are in love with a bad boy, here are few tips to deal with that womanizer boyfriend.

He won't change:
If he doesn't feel the same for you but is dating you only to keep you happy then remember, he will never change his attitude towards you. He might be with you only to fulfill his needs and have a nice time around. To avoid hurting your feelings, always keep in mind that he is a womanizer who can't stick to one woman. Still if you think he can change with time, go ahead!

Don't expect:
Expectations are part and parcel of a relationship. It is human nature. Even if you decide not to expect, it comes from somewhere and you can't stick to your decision. To deal with a womanizer boyfriend, it is best to keep no expectations. Try not to expect him to be honest to you, promise you a future or commits for the relationship later on. A bad boy or womanizer can't have a stable mind.

Be prepared:
You know that you are falling for the bad boy and this relationship may not last for more than a week, month or months. It is best to be prepared to face the bitter end, 'break up' if you want to smartly deal with a womanizer boyfriend.

Become selfish:
Just like your bad boy, you can also think of fulfilling your needs rather than expecting a serious relationship with a bad boy. This will only hurt you and your feelings. Think why you are attracted to this bad boy and make your fantasies a reality. Most of the women fall for bad boys because they are hot in bed. So, decide what you want from him apart from a serious relationship.

Try these tips to deal with your womanizer boyfriend, a typical bad boy!

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