Friday, November 16, 2012

Best Breakup Lines To Dump Boyfriend !!!

Best Breakup Lines To Dump Boyfriend  - abandoned

Dumping your boyfriend is a stressful job. Most men take rejection pretty hard and there is no telling how they will react. So you have to be prepared for anything starting from mental break down to stalking! So, an easy way of doing this tough job is to pick the right breakup lines. You may or may not have a valid cause for dumping your boyfriend; that is totally up to you. However, these lines will not make you look scheming or evil and also ensure that you have no boyfriend problems later.

So dump your boyfriend with a sad puppy dog face and one of these super sentimental lines.

Best Breakup Lines To Dump Your Boyfriend:

1. 'You are not the guy I had met.'
Oh, I can almost hear the cry of anguish in your quivering voice. It is a very subtle way of telling him that it is actually his fault that you are leaving him. You cannot reconcile the guy you loved with the guy he has become and that is the reason for this breakup. You are way to mentally distressed to try!

2. 'You are bored with me these days.'
This may be stock statement but it works like magic. Guys don't like being told that it is actually they who become boring beyond a point. But you can always blame it on yourself to get out of the trap. It will make him think if he is actually bored and should try to explore greener pastures.

3. I can't keep up with you.'
This could mean a variety of positive things for him. Either he is too popular or too macho or too intelligent for you to handle. If you are already working then it also mean that he is way much more successful than you and you have major financial insecurities. This is a smart way to dump your boyfriend because if he goes away feeling superior then he is never going to bother you.

4. 'I can't abandon my parents for you. After all they have given birth to me.' 
Sounds like a hit romantic flick climax. Your parents at any point of time be a very valid breakup reason. If the guy is half as logical as he should be then he will accept the fact that your parents have first right over you and if he is half as smart then will not be interested in a relationship that does not have parental consent; it is just too complicated.

5. 'If I stay with you I'll end up killing myself.'
This will scare him aptly. Even if he was planning to get into the psychopath avatar to hold on to you he will quit. Who wants the blood of a suicidal girl on his conscious. That is leaving out all the trouble with law.

Use these breakup lines to dump your boyfriend in a guilt free way. These relationship tips will be helpful.

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