Friday, November 16, 2012

How To Know If You Are Out Of Love?

How To Know If You Are Out Of Love?

You wait to fall in love and when you are in a relationship, due to lack of something, you start falling out of love. Suddenly you start feeling that the love for your present partner is no more there. The third person in a love relationship can make you think about double dating. How to be sure that you are falling out of love? Take a look at the points to know if you are falling out of love.
How do you know that you are falling out of love?

You think more about the third person: 
When you meet someone, you can feel attached and start thinking about him/her every time especially when you are free. You feel like knowing the person more and spend some time with him/her.

When you start feeling curious about the person, it is a sign which shows that you are out of love. The urge to know more and enter his/her life makes you think about the third person more than your love.

You are happy when he/she is around you: 
You start blushing when the person is around you. You want to get close to the person and make him/her think the same as you. You dress up and prepare yourself to grab his attention and make him/her notice you.

Lose control:
Apart from thinking and talking to the person, you lose your control and forget about your present commitment. You want to be more with this new person and less with your love. You don't mind getting physically close too! If you are feeling the same then it is a sign that you are falling out of love with your present love.

Uncomfortable with the present partner: 
When you start feeling uncomfortable in your present relationship, it shows that you are falling out of love. The person tries to maintain distance with the present partner when he/she falls out of love.

If these points match with your situation and thoughts, it is a clear sign that you are out of love.

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