Friday, November 16, 2012

Top 5 Dangerous Girlfriend Traps !!!

Top 5 Dangerous Girlfriend Traps - woman hurting a man

Some women are never happy. They use new ideas to trap you and can get to any extent to make you accept mistakes even if you are not at fault. They pester, threaten and do all kinds of drama just to make you feel that they are smart and have the capacity to catch you red handed. These girlfriends are weird, bossy and act friendly. Sometimes they look like as if there are from a different planet. Take a look to keep away from these girlfriend traps.

The first you need to do is ignore and try slipping away from the scene. If you are given a hint that she would cry and mess the day. The best dating tips would be escaping and meeting your pals. After all, dating somebody who understand you thoroughly is more romantic and relaxing.

These women never really connect to your feelings and emotions. They always bother you with irrelevant questions and trap you until they get the answer they want. These girlfriends are very imaginative and manipulative. They can continue arguing until they get the answer matching their imagination.
5 Dangerous Girlfriend Traps

1. 'How Do I Look Today?' 
Asking these questions once is while is fine but every single time is a little irritating. These girlfriend traps can trap your purse too. When you tell her that she could wear a different trouser or accessory, she gets obsessed and asks you to buy her the things that go well with the dress. And if you aren't ready she will cry and do a lot of drama until you agree and act to her wishes.

2. 'Whom Are You Looking At?' 
Now, you cannot even look around and admire people. The moment you move your eye balls left right, you are asked the question. She is almost stealing the freedom of your's when the constitution of the country itself has no issues with it. A very dangerous trap for life.

3. 'What Do You Like The Most In Me?'
This is the most common girlfriend traps. You are been asked the question and anything you answer is a problem. You say you liked her appearance, she will sob that you didn't like her for her brains and if you answer otherwise she will complain that you feel she is not as pretty as other woman in the world. You have to tell that you liked everything about her except these traps !!!.

4. 'Do You Really Miss Me?'
Ah, commonly asked question if you are on a business trip. Your girlfriend will call you constantly and trap you totally until you tell her that you cannot live without her. You are forced even though you do not miss her that much. The best thing to do to get rid of the trap is call her at the time when you know she is busy and avoid picking up her calls. When asked, you can tell her that you were calling whenever you got time.

5. 'Did You Have A Girlfriend?' 
Every girl traps you with the question but one time asking is normal. Even the honest ones would want to check how serious men are about being in a relationship with them. They would want to know if they are just a fling.

But these questions cannot be the topic all the time as it will not only disturb you but will frustrate you to end the relationship.

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