Friday, November 16, 2012

Top 5 Disastrous Blind Dates !!!

Top 5 Disastrous Blind Dates! - disgusting clumsy man - bad  boring date

Blind dates sound so mysterious and exciting but they can be pretty disappointing too. It is not always that you end up with a rock star just by fluke or even find a kindred soul. Most often such disaster dates are exceedingly boring and draining (financially). This phenomenon has a good solid reason to support it. When do people go on blind dates? Either they are totally desperate or totally jobless or some crazy adolescent doing it for kicks. What better can you expect from each of these categories.
Here are some of the funniest blind date situations where you can be stuck if you choose to take a wild chance with your dating options.

Top 5 Disaster Dates:

1. Elderly Professor:
It is just a metaphor for a category of guys who suddenly have a mid life crisis at 45 and their way of coping with it is to go for a blind date. Your date may be married or single but the type remains the same. They wake up one fine day in the morning and realise that their life is almost past and they have not had their fill of adventure. Best of luck with the boring stories of life's struggles.

2. The Ditched Lover:
This is another category that makes terribly boring dates. Someone who has had a ugly breakup recently is typical of this type. They are full of resentment as how unfairly they have been treated and obviously have lost faith in 'love' itself. Enjoy the sob stories over coffee!

3. Bored Married Man:
It is very common for men to suddenly feel trapped in their married lives but why do they lure us girls into disaster dates just to 'break free'. Be prepared to listen all the faults of his middle aged wife and also to be compared to her minutely. Some stock statements like 'marriage is the end', 'I feel so free with you' will flow to and fro so you can have a predicable and lousy evening.

4. Psychopath: 
This may not be a boring date but is definitely a very dangerous one. If you think that brushing shoulders with the macabre side of humanity is fun then think again. Overtly suggestive statements made with a straight face is typical of such guys. If your date appears to be weird and give indications of suppressed violence then you better excuse yourself and make sure you are not followed.

5. Busy Boring Professional: 
Often people who are just too caught up with their professional life choose to go out on dates with total strangers. The choose instead to go for one night stands through these dates so be beware. Also brace yourself for all the boring talk about their jobs because that is what you will hear.

These dating tips can be really useful to avoid blind dates that will do nothing but frustrate you.

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