Friday, November 16, 2012

5 Reasons Why Your Girlfriend Left You?

5 Reasons Why Your Girlfriend Left You? - brek-up - abandoned - dumped

You may be a hearthrob in college but are not able to have a long term girlfriend. Reasons can be many which need to be corrected if reasonable or else word of mouth can make disasters in your romantic life. Take a look to know what were those reasons for your girlfriend breaking up with you. The break up reasons you can relate will help you change and get serious in making the newcomer a permanent partner for life.

Why Your Girlfriend Left You? - Break up reasons

1. You Are Too Selfish 
Women look out for love and care in their partner. The moment they come to know that the man is just worried about his self and hardly cares about them, they will happily dump and end relationship. This doesn't mean that a woman expects too costly gifts from men but basic caring such as buying coffee or lunch, dropping home is not only formality but duty. There may be many things that she may not like about you but the care that you show can hold and pull her back to you.

2. You Lack Appreciation  
You only talk about self and hardly admire her qualities, this will make her feel that you can be better if left alone. As a boyfriend, you need to appreciate and applaud her for success and achievements. You need to be there when she requires you the most, that's the real quality of a caring boyfriend.

3. You Are A Man Without Dreams 
You may be rich and luxurious but no woman would be pleased at you if you have no dreams about family and career. A woman will think two folds further while committing to a man, she would want to be confirmed if you are secure and can take care of her and the family. Ofcourse, she will help you in every step you climb.

4. You Suffocated Her In The Relationship
Too many doubts about present and past will turn her off and make her break up premanently. Constantly calling and enquiring about whereabouts, following her secretly will some day affect relationship and cause split.

5. You Were Very Abusive 
 When ever you had an argument with spouse, you got too verbal and physically harmed. This will be taken seriously and ended right away as it will assumed that the man who has no control on his mind and voluntary muscles cannot definitely not control or lead a proper life.

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