Friday, November 16, 2012

Why One Falls Out Of Love?

upset sad couple - Why One Falls Out Of Love

Falling in and out of love is a common problem faced among young couples these days. The number of options in your life and lack of love in the relationship can make you fall out of love and switch to double dating. One falls in love for many or no reason. You date either to get over the lonely feeling or to be with a companion who stands as your support or just because you want to be with him/her. With time, a relationship can become a burden and maintaining it is difficult. Also the interest in the 'other person' makes you fall out of love with your current partner.

So why do you fall out of love?

New entry:
The third person's entry and the rising interest to be with the new guy/girl can make you get into double dating. Suddenly, you start involving the third person in your personal life and when you get used to this new person, you feel like staying with him/her and not your partner.

Suddenly you start feeling rejuvenated and the boring life becomes interesting again. You feel that the new person is making you happy. He/she understands your problem and is joyous. When you feel that your life has become lively, you start losing interest in your present partner and start thinking more about being with the new person.

Few people have an interesting personality, attitude and thoughts which match with your needs therefore making you get into double dating. These striking features can get your attention and force you to be with them every time.

Many a times, the reason behind falling out of love and getting into double dating because you get attracted to the new person who gradually start capturing your mind. The attraction can be physical or emotional. Generally, physical attraction makes one fall out of love.

Due to constant arguments and conflicts in the existing relationship, you might get support from the other person. The new person understands you and supports your needs, thoughts and expectations. Also the new other person fulfills your needs and expectations, therefore making you fall out of love.

These are the common reasons behind falling out of love. Always make your partner important and show that you want him/her. Neglecting your partner can make him/her fall out of love.

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