Friday, November 9, 2012

Ways To Get Rid Of Bad Habits In Partner...

Ways To Get Rid Of Bad Habits In Partner

When you fall in love, you only focus on the good qualities and habits of your lover. With the passage of time, you will get to know the true nature of your partner. In some cases, your partner might disclose the bad habits but, in many cases, you come to know only when you are staying with your partner 24x7.
Here, we are talking about few bad habits such as smoking, drinking, over-eating or some annoying public habit like farting or burping loudly. If you are having problems dealing with such annoying habits of your partner, it is time to reveal what you feel! Check out these ways to get rid of bad habits of your partner without hurting his/her ego.

This is one of the simplest ways to make him/her get over bad habits. If your partner has some bad habits that annoys you, try to talk to him/her and make them understand that these habits affect your image as a couple while socialising. Be gentle while discussing so that you do not hurt the ego of your partner.

This way of making your partner quit bad habits might turn ugly so be careful. You can mimic your partner by using a sense of humour. Include few common bad habits. This will make him know his/her flaws but in a light way. To obtain best results, mimic only when you are alone with your partner.

Show examples:
Some bad habits are really annoying. To make your partner realise and get rid of these bad habits, you have to show some live examples. Take help of the DVDs in your rack or go online. Search relevant videos and show it to your partner. Do not force him/her to sit and watch. Just play the video suddenly, so that you do not hurt your partner's feelings.

Show anger:
Sometimes you have to be rough to your partner. When you fail to explain things to your partner, the only way left is by showing anger. Do not show anger in front of others. All you need to do is make your partner feel bad for the habits that affect your relationship. Do not talk to your partner for a few days. Another way is to act formal with your partner. After noticing for few days, your partner will ask the reason. Then just grab the opportunity and vent all your anger! You will see a change.

This is a common method used to make the partner get rid of bad habits. Whenever your partner tries to do something against your wish, you always threaten to do the same! Similarly, you can make your partner get rid of bad habits by stating that you will do just as he/she does.
Try these ways to make your partner get rid of bad habits. And these won't hurt your partner's ego too!

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