Friday, November 9, 2012

Is Your Girlfriend Using You?

Is Your Girlfriend Using You - man and woman at supermarket

Dating a handsome guy is troublesome. Every friend must have told you. But, what about dating hot chicks? Friends might not have said anything about that! The personality of your girlfriend drives your friends crazy. There is a common belief; dating a hot chick can be harmful for you. Why? Because these hot and beautiful girls might just use you to fulfill their own needs. Being used by your partner can be one of the most hurting things in your life. To prevent yourself from getting used by a selfish girlfriend, here are few ways to detect if your girlfriend is using you.

Does she give time?
If your girlfriend really loves you, she will always have time for you. If there is a genuine reason behind staying away and not meeting on an evening, then it can be acceptable. However, if she doesn't spend time with you or is not interested to see you like a true lover, it is time you think again! A true lover would die to meet her partner everyday. The urge to be with you will always be visible in her eyes.

Is she really into you? 
You have to see whether your girlfriend is into you or not. Take a test with her. Check out how much she knows you. When you are dating, an interested partner will try every possible means to know more about you. For example, your likes, favourite food, best movie etc.. If you two have discussed earlier, it is time to re-question and check if your girlfriend really remembers or not!

Can you see the happy and blushing face? 
A woman feels excited to meet her man! When you plan a date, you will have to notice her reactions. If the woman loves you, she will start blushing immediately after seeing your face. The shy feminine smile clearly signals that she loves you and is not using you! 

Go low on cash and see:
This is one of the most commonly implemented ways to check if a girlfriend is using you. There are few cheap girls who only date to meet their financial needs. If your girlfriend keeps asking you to take her for shopping, go without your wallet one day. Do not tell her before. Go and let her choose. You stand behind on the counter and whisper, "I am low on cash" or "I didn't get my wallet honey!" If she is all fine, you can know that she is actually in love with you.

These are few ways to test your girlfriend and see if she is using you to satisfy her own needs. If you are in a physical relationship with your partner, avoid making love for a few days. You will come to know if she just likes to be with you for cheap thrills. When your girlfriend shows any of the above signs, you have to become alert!

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