Friday, November 9, 2012

How To Build Trust In Relationships ??!!

How To Build Trust In Relationships  - writing down notes

An issue of trust is the single most destructive reason in most relationships all over the world. Hearing cases of infidelity, watching reality television shows of cheating boyfriends and girlfriends obviously are not conducive to a healthy trusting relationship. Even though partners put on a brave face and pretend to trust their jealous partner, most couples lately have a nagging question at the back of their minds "Is my partner faithful to me? "
Let us look at some ways to make sure questions of trust do not ruin your happy, healthy relationship.

How To build Trust In Relationships?

1. Deal with a jealous partner
Some people can't help themselves, they are naturally jealous people. Instead of allowing it to bother you, treat his mild jealously lightheartedly. Look at it as a compliment! But if it gets too regular, you should gently talk to him/her and reiterate that you will never cheat on them. Such people need constant consolations of your love for them.

2. Don't let guilt get in the way 
You or your partner might have an incident in the past that might have taken the trust out of your relationship. If you were at fault, you must work extra hard to convince your partner that there will be no repeat of any such incident. If your partner was at fault, don't constantly nag him. Allow him to make amends with ease.

3. Communicate
 Relationship Gurus are always screaming themselves hoarse about how important communication is in a relationship. A small text informing your partner where you are and who you are with will put his mind at ease! Don't wait for him to ask! Communication gaps can destroy trust in relationships.

4. Fight it out
The worst thing couples do post fights is to stop talking to each other for days together. At such a time, they will begun to doubt each other, as they begin spending time apart. Always try to fight it out, on the day of the argument and you will feel much lighter!

5. Don't hesitate in talking to your friends 
 The worst advice you can get when you are having trust issues is to keep it to yourself. Don't feel guilty venting it out to your friends. They might have faced similar issues and they will give you positive advice on how to deal with your situation.

6. Don't be a Nagger! 
 We fought the most with our parents because we were constantly nagged! Nobody wants to be nagged and bullied into giving up information. Don't act like your partner is "Supposed" to tell you everything. If you want some information, it must be asked casually and with ease! That build trust in a relationship.

The best healthy relationships are based on honesty and respecting each others boundaries. Communicate with your partner in an open, friendly manner and you will be surprised how smoothly your "Relation Ship" is sailing!

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