Friday, November 9, 2012

5 Things About Men Women Didn't Know!

5 Things About Men Women Didn't Know  - confused girl face

Men think of themselves as a highly simple being and are always proud of the fact, that they do not complicate things as much as women. But, the fact of the matter is that there are still a whole lot of things women do not know about men! Let us look at some startling facts about men.

Men love to cook:
Who said women make better cooks? Although the kitchen is considered a woman's department, men love the time they spend in the kitchen! Men who stay alone know many recipes and trust me, few men cook better than women! It might be surprising to know this fact about men, but, they love to cook. This desire or affection towards cooking is however dependent on the mood of the man!!!

Men are more emotional than women:
'Women always cry' is a common saying among men. But, men are more emotional than women. They might not show their emotional side, but men are emotionally weak from within. It is just that women cry and express their emotions, men are reserved so they don't share it. Also the existence of strong male ego makes a man control his emotions.

Men tease for a reason:
Often men are blamed for teasing women. Be it the woman's clothes, hairdo, high heels or the way she talks, a man is always busy teasing you. If your man teases you for applying more makeup on a date, it is not a comment but a way to increase your love for him. Teasing is a way of showing that he is interested in you and consoling you later on makes him feel happy in his own way. Weird, but this is a fact about men, many women do not know.

Not all men are nympho:
If you think that men think more sexually, then blame it on their hormones! It is their hormones that forces them to think about it all the time! According to many researchers, men secrete testosterone after every 30-45 minutes. This makes them think more sensual.

Men also love to talk: 
Women love gossip! Well, this saying can be proved but, what about men?? There are few men who love to talk. Not gossip particularly, but something of their interest. For example, discussions on the new gadget that has been recently launched. Most common topic of gossip among men is, women! "The hot chick in my class or office" is a common topic of discussion!

These are few facts about men that most of the women didn't know.

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