Friday, November 9, 2012

4 Lines To Tell Your Angry Girlfriend...

4 Lines To Tell Your Angry Girlfriend - flowers to girlfriend

Dealing with anger can be really tricky at times. This becomes a difficult task when you know you are at fault. Conflict is healthy for a relationship but, you have to solve it before it gets too late! Otherwise, your conflict might spoil your love life completely. If your girlfriend is angry with you for some reason, you have to take out time and console her. Planning to present a gift to make up for the conflict? Well, make the present more delightful by saying these make up lines to your girlfriend.

Please forgive me!:
This is one of the most common and best lines to calm down an angry girlfriend. You have to accept that you are at fault. Saying sorry for your mistakes will not hurt your ego but, increase the respect of your partner towards you. To make up for a fight, you should say "Please forgive me!" This line will melt her anger within seconds.

Let the bygones be bygones: 
You have to get over the conflict mood and relax. Make up for the fight by just letting the bygones be bygones. Keeping things in mind will only spoil the relationship further. Go to your girlfriend and say these lines to control her anger. If you cannot take a face to face approach, just drop a text. Do not forget to add a smiley if you are texting her. By showing this attitude, you can easily calm your angry girlfriend within minutes.

Okay! I will keep in mind: 
If you are at fault and that has made her angry, you should not deny it. Arguing or denying the fact will only extend the fight like a rubber band. To stop a small fight, you can easily say this line and control the anger of your girlfriend. It makes her feel important. But, do not say these lines if you think she is wrong. You might encourage her to become stubborn and dominating.

You look hot when you are angry:
It is one of the most effective lines to calm down an angry girlfriend. Just hold her and whisper this line into her ears. She will melt down in seconds. This line will definitely bring a smile on her face. To make this line throw an impact on your girlfriend, make sure you say it in such a way that it looks natural. If you are a funny sort of a man, you can pull her leg after she smiles and melts down. This is a trick to calm your girlfriend and keep the spark of love alive!

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