Monday, November 12, 2012

Was It Love Or An Infatuation? A Real Story

Was It Love Or An Infatuation? A Real Story - purple rose flower

I am still confused! Was it love or just an infatuation? I was in 7th std when all these started….I used to speak to this guy …..he was handsome, smart, etc, etc…. We became so close that I never thought my friends (common school friends) will start teasing us. They started pairing us and teased us to the max. Then we stopped speaking to each other….This teasing eventually made us fall for each other and it was no more than an infatuation.
We had one thing in common. We both were National level players, but in different games. Sometimes he came to see me play and praised me, I got to know this through my friends. Though I knew he was a good player, I never saw him playing.
I participated in skits while he into dancing. Once while presenting a skit, I saw him among the audience and I forgot my lines. Somehow I managed with my expressions. Though I was happy to see him, I felt a bit nervous.
These 2 incidents were enough indication that he likes me that"s all. I started thinking that my real love story will start soon (with my love) who was earlier just a crush! Whenever my friends teased me with him, I just told them, “He is too good for me (as he was very handsome and I was just Ok Ok types….I felt). There are many beautiful girls in the school, why he love me?" But my friends never stopped and compared us to one of the happening Bollywood couples.
3 years passed uneventfully and on my Birthday he gifted me a show-piece which made me sure that he too had feelings for me (the gift had love quoted in it). Whenever there was a get-together in our friends place, we were forced to sit beside each other, that made me feel really nervous. He loves sweets and I hate sweets and when my friends got to know this, they just picked sweets from my plate and passed it on to his plate….which made both of us embarrassed, yet happy! Our real love story started long back but indirectly, I felt.
School romance took a peak! Even in school assembly, we were deliberately made to stand beside each other. And one day, openly in the assembly a guy mimicked us by taking our nickname in front of the whole school….all, from class 1st to 12th, everyone started teasing us with our nicknames….I was so scared that if my parents came to know all of this, they would kick me off for my school romance!
I received a card through post with love quotes and a sticker which said “1st love". My friends and I became 'handwriting experts" and started investigating the handwritten quotes with his handwriting. But in vain as we couldn't come to a conclusion. But we assumed that the note matched his handwriting...
In college, he somehow came to know that I am not into celebrating my birthday. He surprised me and turned a boring day to a lively one! He handed me gifts and didn"t even wait for my reaction. And on Valentine"s day, he came with his friend and wished me near the college corridor.
That was the last time we spoke to each other. My school to college romance ended due to some reasons and my real love story took a break for around 4 years! I tried a lot to contact him but all went in vain. And then, all of sudden, he came back to my life and sent me a text message. I was surprised to see his message but the text shocked me. Alas, he had mentioned about his girl-friend!
I was shattered….My real love story, valentine"s day, school to college romance, everything surrendered before my very eyes. I was clueless and didn"t know what and how to react. Then I got to know that his girl friend proposed to him. I missed my bus and it was obviously late to express my feelings.
It seems he was waiting the whole time for me to propose. And I never did (God, I was so immature! How can I think of romantic ideals like proposing in those days). But I got to know (through his chat) that he loved me. Now he is happily married, I don"t have any regrets because I came to know he loved me.
Whenever I rewind to those days I can"t stop from a smile appearing on my face…… Thought it was not successful it was sweet and innocent, beyond all, 1st love/infatuation which I can"t forget.
Here is an advice for all boys and girls out there who are in love, please don"t wait for her/him to propose…..give it a try before its too late. Valentine"s day is coming up so plan to make it special!!!!

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