Monday, November 12, 2012

A Real Story Of Love And Betrayal...

A Real Story Of Love And Betrayal - man alone

She came in a smoking white suit and vanished after 2 years in Red hot bridal wear!!!
Dreams do come true and I saw her (the girl of my dreams) walking past me. Without my knowledge she became a part of life. Here is my love story that may look and feel filmi but the impact was too much to bare.
This happened during my post graduation college days. I was known for bunking classes and the day I realized that I should attend I met my sweetheart (shona) in the cafeteria. She was dressed in white salwar suit and the only thing that came in my mind that day was her flashy appearance.
I was fortunate to find her in my class and that is when I came to know that she was actually my classmate. I started attending classes after that day, my eyes kept gazing at her beauty, her moves, smile, talking style, playing with hair and if my friends noticed the same, I would feel jealous.
Silly thoughts kept saying that “guys you can speak to her but she is mine coz she came in my dreams and she is made for me".
I was falling for her but didn't know to express it. I had chalked out a plan about what to and what not to ask her. Our college day was happening and I felt it to be the best time for interaction. The Mr and Miss. Fresher title was announced and guess what, we (me and the girl) won the titles.
This was the right time to start a conversation and I did it. She got a 'jackpot' of compliments from me and we exchanged numbers. Our friendship bloomed to love and we did everything together. Thereafter, I never missed college.
Our affair was the top story of college, from principal to HOD to faculty to friends, everyone got the daily updates. At times, the title 'great lovers' made me insecure as I was worried of our future.
Just like how the seasons change in the year, my love life too got topsy-turvy. From colouful spring to hot summer to ever tearing rainy season, ours too got bitter and bitter by the days. It was February 14th, 2008 (Valentines day) and we were having some great time.
All of a sudden, she received a call from her mother and pretended to be extremely upset. She told me that her marriage was fixed and that its going to be by march. It came as a shock to me as we planned to tell her parents after the completion of our course.
I managed to convince my parents but she said that she was still trying (which I doubted). Somehow I sensed that she was too excited about her wedding and was not really in the pain of separation. Can't imagine she told me that she loved me more than I did.
She left to her home town without telling me anything but I still had hopes. Four days to the wedding, I decided to convince her parents or even escape Like Shahrukh in DDLJ.
I rode 400 kms to stop the wedding and saw her being extremely happy with wedding rituals. She was shocked to see me but I didn't give it a thought. I tried to console her parents but failed as they requested me to remain mum because it was too late for anything. Instead I was requested to be a bonded labour in the wedding. I agreed to it as I didn't wanted to give up the fight until the end.
I felt very helpless to see all the proceedings and my happy girlfriend. My friends too felt for me but were confused to see me being composed. The D-day went well and she happily left with her husband.
I was heart broken and tried to do all the wrong things to forget her. Few months after our exams I got to know that she was just playing around with my emotions. It is the pain of betrayal that is deeper than the pain of separation.

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