Monday, November 12, 2012

Real 'Heart Touching' Love Story!

Real  Heart Touching  Love Story

I am really practical but things changed when I fell in love with my neighbour. I liked his simplicity and that attracted me the most. It was love at first sight! Whole day I used to sit in the balcony searching him. He also used to do the same. Only his kitchen was visible from my balcony and he used to come to see me with an excuse to have water. We always used to look at each other whole day at short intervals and then suddenly after 3 months, he messaged me. I had his number before itself but was scared to take the initiative.
“Hi!" That is what he messaged and wrote his name. I lost my patience and started dancing with excitement. I replied the same and slowly we started chatting through text. One day he called me and we started spending more time over the phone and staring at each other. I felt my real love story will start now but I got a shock! I thought he liked me too and was waiting for him to propose. Instead, he revealed that he loved a mutual friend. I had to accept it! I pretended that its just friendship and heard everything.
He cleared it was his past still I controlled my feelings and behaved as a friend. We continued talking as friends and my final year at college was going to get over when my mom started preparing for my marriage. I didn't wanted to marry! I wanted to be with him, my love at first sight...
I told him about the new marriage proposals and shockingly, he started reacting. The way he looked at me from the kitchen made me think since the beginning. I wanted to know what he wanted or expected from this relationship. Few days before valentine's day, he asked to meet up once before I get married. We went to watch a movie and realized that we love each other. Though he didn't propose me directly, he made me feel as his love.
On the other side, my marriage was fixed even after several protests. I still remember how we two cried over the phone. I was searching for clues to break up my engagement with this unknown guy. Finally, by god's grace I got a clue and broke up my engagement. It was difficult for me to take this step but my real love story was with him... My neighbour...

Happily we started again but luck was not supportive I guess. A new proposal came up and this time I couldn't find any clues to reject the guy. I couldn't stop time.. I was separating from my love... My real life story was breaking up. I got engaged and marriage was fixed after 8 months. My fiance started calling me everyday but I didn't wanted to talk to him. I only loved my neighbour and he used to avoid me, hurt... We accepted the fact that we don't have any future even after belonging to the same caste. My mom had a doubt about our relationship and I told her everything as she is more of a friend to me. Even she wanted me to be with him in the beginning but due to some misconceptions, my real love story was near an end.
My birthday is in October and marriage was fixed in November. He couldn't meet me due to lack of courage to face the separation so he called my sister and gifted me novels and chocolates. We just cried.. the day came when we were leaving for my marriage and he decided to go away from the city 4 days before we leave. He left with a bye message and till now I don't have any contact with him.
My real love story shattered into pieces. I love my husband but I can't forget him ever in my life. I saw his profile on a social networking site but couldn't think of hurting him again. This real story of our love is a valentine's day gift, dedicated to my love.. The person whom i fell in love with at the very first sight.

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