Monday, November 12, 2012

A Love Story That Almost Killed Me !!!

A Love Story That Almost Killed Me

Some love stories are worth telling not because they are romantic but because they can be eye openers to many innocent people like me.
This Valentines day, I would like to warn all young women aged between 18-25 to keep away from love until you know every bit about your partner to be (background check).
It was a colourful beginning. Dev, one of my friend's friend came home to play Holi. He looked innocent but showed all signs of interest in me.
We kept chatting for days and I felt that we would make a good pair for life. We met a couple of times and felt as we were the 'one and only' couple in this world.
We were happy being in relationship for four long years and this crazy life required money. Dev quit his studies and joined marketing.
My shocking +2 marks couldn't help me with a free seat in college. My father, paid a big amount to join to an engineering college much against my wish. I didn't want to study engineering as Dev was just a diploma in computer science.
I was too angry with my father, never attended college and got terrible marks in exams. Dev took me to movies and pubs. I got into the habit of smoking.
After a few semesters, Dev asked me to quit engineering and have a physical relationship with him to prove that I will be his forever.
He kept calling me home when his mother wasn't home. In one of those occasions I spotted a photograph of his mother posing with a local politician. I got very inquisitive about the relationship and asked a couple of my friends to get details of his family.
I got a shock of my life when my friends said that the politician is married to somebody else and Dev's mother was his illegal affair. Some even told me that Dev's mother was a bar dancer in a local pub and was in a relationship with many rich men.
I got too scared about his family and wanted to share my worries with Dev. That day, I kept calling him but couldn't get response.
I called his friends to know about his movements and heard that he had gone out for lunch with one of his colleagues. I knew his lunch adda and went to meet, his car was locked and couldn't find him in the restaurant. A little later, I saw him coming out of his car with a sleazy woman. I couldn't believe my eyes and wept all day.
Days after I got to know that he had relationship with many women at office and college and made up my mind to end this relationship.
Our love story was just a business strategy for him to make me a bar dancer in one of his mother's clubs and earn money.
I changed my cellphone number and decided to escape to a place where I can concentrate on studies and get over with past. Today, I work for an MNC and am happily married.
Even dreams of the past scare me, but there is definitely a relief.

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